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Why Watching TV Online May Not Be The Way To Kill Your Cable Bill

Calling your cable company and canceling your account may seem like a no-brainer, especially since there are so many sources […]

Calling your cable company and canceling your account may seem like a no-brainer,

especially since there are so many sources online that can provide you with the programming you want.

As a result, many cable customers who are fed up with their high monthly bills have decided to go the way of streaming content.

But is cutting the cord really the best way to avoid high programming costs?

Some experts are saying that those who still watch cable TV may have a leg up on those who’ve decided to go elsewhere for their content.

Cutting the Cord May Be Harder Than You Think

While the whole notion of cord-cutting may be approaching trend status around the world, it may actually look easier than it is.

There are a few circumstances under which keeping your cable may make more sense than doing the opposite.

Don’t Underestimate the Bundle

Have you bundled a number of services with your provider? For example, does your cable provider also offer internet and phone?

If they do, and you are a bundle subscriber, then you already know you are saving money by having more than one service. But when you cut your cable,

you could also be cutting your discount. Plus, the price for having only one service like internet could rise to equal the cost you were paying for your bundle previously.

Family Matters

It may make perfect sense to you to get in touch with your cable company and cut the cord for greener pastures online. But what about the rest of your family?

If they don’t agree, then you may have a problem on your hands.

This is because the television has become household property in recent years.

Many programs simply aren’t available online, and if your family members watch them, your cord-cutting dreams may never see the light of day.

Formerly Free, Soon To Be Fee

Popular sites like YouTube, which offered completely free video to the masses recently launched a series of paid channels.

The number of available paid channels has grown quickly, and at affordable a la carte pricing, may prove to be quite popular.

However, even though a particular set of channels may only cost three or four dollars apiece,

the price can quickly add up with enough channels ordered, perhaps enough to exceed what’s being paid for cable service.

Online Options For Those Who’ve Cut The Cord

It’s certainly true that there are many resources online for those looking for movie and television content. But just how reliable are they?

“Locker” type sites exist on the uploads of their users. But these uploads are not always reliable, or even available.

Should they be deemed copyright infringement, the creator has no choice but to remove them.

Also, much online content at these types of sites hasn’t been screened for quality, meaning that you could spend time looking for a high-quality video when you could be watching it via other means.

Looking to your gaming console may offer several options. Xbox Live offers sports buffs with the fix they need by providing ESPN programming.

This channel is only available online, and is free to customers of internet providers who offer the channel to their subscribers.

Cloud-watching is another trend that’s taking over the content viewing arena.

Instead of a physical DVR to record, watch and delete shows with, viewers can do so online.

While this alternative does include charges, consumers can view programming on their devices.

Another upside to watching online is that many traditional TV networks have agreed to provide their channels online via user-generated content sites like

However, consumers may find that premium channels, and certain options are few and far between.

The decision to cut the cable cord is certainly not one to be taken lightly.

But when you can identify what your options are, it’s certainly easier to understand how cutting the cord will impact both you and your family.

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Guest author Sharon Saunders is a contributor at the ISP Watchdog,

a site dedicated to helping consumers locate internet providers in their area and comparing their options.

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