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Why You Need A Mobile App Surveys

Surveys are no doubt most powerful tools for market analysis and driving customer insight. The most common question that restaurants […]

Surveys are no doubt most powerful tools for market analysis and driving customer insight. The most common question that restaurants and auto shops ask, “how did we do today?” and retail stores often ask, “Did you find everything?” To the customer these questions may look less vital, but to a business these questions are most critical for understanding how to make improvements.

Surveys play a major role in online business, to get insight into a customer base to find out who their customers are and what are their needs and requirements. All of which are very essential information! Initially conducted with paper and pencil, surveys nowadays are commonly found all over the internet, but seldom inside mobile apps. Mobile apps are a type of business that stands to benefit from surveying customer and potential customer bases.

3 reasons why your mobile app needs in-app surveys:

1. Save Money:

The mobile app development is costly. Every new feature or functionality you add cost you additional money. Playing guessing games about what to generate next can be extremely costly and end up plummeting to your app. Never assume that you know what your customers want, because in the end it is always surprising what they will write if given the chance. The survey helps you cut the costs and a lot of the guess work from mobile app development.

Why You Need A Mobile App Surveys

2. Prioritize Features:

No doubt creating a mobile app can be extremely thrilling, especially when you have command on it and you get caught up in the fervor of, “yes we can easily create this.” However, the success of your app can be hinder by trying to do too much too fast or in the wrong order. Spending your precious time on a feature that really isn’t all that great can waste your time and resources. It’s essential to be able to prioritize your features and plan a roadmap with confidence in order to get success.

3. Who are your Target Customers?

Collecting important information such as age and gender of your customer can provide a treasure trove of insight on your customer base. This also helps you to choose the right path for future app development. The more information you have about your customer, the easier it will be for you to create something that they love to use.

4. Engage your Customers:

There is a very small percentage of people who provide their feedback in the app stores. It is extremely important to encourage your entire audience to share their views in order to get the full point of view of your customer base. Surveys play an important role that can help you reach your customers and get their responses.

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