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Why You Should Visit Albania

Travelling to a destination that is beginning to get famous, one that just getting to be well-known with the crowds, […]

Travelling to a destination that is beginning to get famous, one that just getting to be well-known with the crowds, gives you the opportunity to discover the location at your own pace. This also presents a chance to explore the localculture without the hassle that is a common at popular holiday destinations. A visit to Albania, with its pristine locations and scenes of matchless beauty,promises to give you one such unforgettable holiday experience. There are many reasons why Albania merits a visit. Its spectacular landscapes will amaze you with their unspoilt allure, while the warm hospitality of its people will make you feel comfortable from the very onset. Then there are the local customs and traditions to discover and drink in. From a quick ride on the local mode of transportation, the furgon, to slowly sipping the strong local liquor Raki, participating in the daily rituals of the locals is likely to fill you with a deep sense of adventure and fresh discovery.

The location of Albania makes it easy to travel to and access. Nestled in the Balkans, it is located at a just a short distance from both Italy and Greece. Whether you are a nature lover or someone who revels in living different cultural experiences, here’s a look at the many things that Albania has in store for you.

Why You Should Visit Albania

Scenic Beauty

Albania offers sights of astounding natural beauty. It is home to Europe’s oldest and deepest lake, the beautiful lake Ohrid. Another don’t-miss-it is a trip to the mountains of Valbonas valley. Here, in this remote and wild location, you get to explore and understand the meaning of stillness and tranquility.

Why You Should Visit Albania

Local Flavor

Albanians are friendly, hospitable and warm-hearted. They mingle freely with tourists and will go far to make you feel right at home. The locals enjoy their Turkish coffee and would gladly share the coffee experience with you. When you are travelling on your own, having local friends can make your experience that much more enjoyable and enriching. Get online to find like-minded Albanians for friendship, companionships, love and romance. connects you with interesting Albanian singles you can share your ideas, opinions and adventures with.

Get on a Furgon

Getting around in Albania is easy when you ride in a furgon. This local mode of transportation is popular with the local crowds. This way you also get to chat with and befriend different people as you get around town.

Grab a Bargain

The treg is the Albanian version of a flea market. Here you can expect to find local costumes, pretty trinkets, home-made products and clothes at unbelievably affordable rates. This is where you can buy mementoes of your holiday in Albania and gifts for loved ones back home at bargain prices.

Taste the Difference

Byreke is a delicious, mouth-watering Albanian pastry that is available all over Albania. This   delectable pastry is served in several variations. Choose the cheese, meat, spinach or tomato filling or try them all out. This local delicacy comes at a price that is easy to afford.

Albania has plenty to offer to every visitor. From the globe-trotting touriststo backpackers looking to immerse themselves in exotic cultures, there is a lot in Albania, to savor and enjoy. Get here on your own or make your way here with friends and family. If travelling on your own, add some adventure to your journey, make new friends on while you are here or strike up friendships with interesting singles on before you visit. Here, against a backdrop of gorgeous scenery, you can look forward to experiencing the heart-warming welcome of its people and the old-world charm of its traditions.

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