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Will Arnett: His Career and Outlook

Will Arnett is a Canadian actor who made his way to mainstream fame with roles in popular television series like […]

Will Arnett is a Canadian actor who made his way to mainstream fame with roles in popular television series like Arrested Development and 30 Rock. However, Arnett recently made headlines when he signed on for a new project that will most likely show him in a whole new light. Apparently, Arnett will be taking a departure from his comedic roots and taking up martial arts–at least on screen, that is. Arnett is slated to star in this summer’s release of Michael Bay’s reboot of an old classic, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, leaving many turtle fans to wonder what role Arnett will be filling, as well as what this funny guy will bring to the table. Here is a guide to Will Arnett’s career and outlook:

Will’s Career

Before Arnett skyrocketed to fame in the hit television series mentioned and on big-screen powerhouse comedies like Semi-Pro and Blades of Glory, he acted in a variety of big and small roles for a variety of lesser known films, and made for t.v. movies. Additionally, Arnett has done a lot of voice over work for television, radio, commercials, and even video games. It is safe to say that, while most people know Arnett as a primarily comedic actor, he is experienced and capable in a variety of genres that stand to make him a very interesting fit for the upcoming Ninja Turtles film.

Arnett’s Role in Ninja Turtles

There is much speculation over which role Arnett might be playing in Bay’s take on TMNT, simply titled Ninja Turtles. What we already know is that the roles of all four green guys have been filled. This leaves to seemly options: Splinter, a rat sensei to the turtles with a heart of gold, Shredder, a bad guy with a razor-sharp fashion sense, or Baxter Stockman, a mad scientist with less than honorable intentions. However, many turtle fans believe that Arnett’s role in Ninja Turtles might be original to this big screen release, as Arnett seems an unlikely fit for any of the roles mentioned. But, if you’re like other TMNT fans, you’ll want to browse items here before the movie comes out and take your own guesses.

The Movie Outlook

There is a lot of talk surrounding Bay’s version of the TMNT story. Bay is known for big time box office smashes, so it seems safe to say that Arnett’s role in Ninja Turtles could catapult him to a new level of fame. Not to mention the upcoming Netflix release of the new season of Arrested Development. It seems that Arnett’s career, although it has been years in the making, is on an upward trend with no signs of stopping.

What’s in store for Will Arnett, and what does he have in store for us? We’ll have to wait and see. But one thing is for certain: after this summer’s premier of Ninja Turtles, Arnett will have an entirely new fan base.

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